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Today Show: How Golf Digest helped free an innocent imprisoned artist

Valentino Dixon spent 27 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder. He was finally exonerated and released thanks in large part to remarkable drawings of beautiful golf courses, a Golf Digest article and Georgetown University students who took up his cause. Dixon joins TODAY to talk about his story. Watch Video >>

Valentino’s Story

Born on October 20, 1969, Valentino Dixon grew up in East Buffalo, New York, the inner city. Valentino was his mother’s only son and was raised by both of his parents. As a child, Valentino was a gifted artist who loved to draw.

At the time of his arrest in 1991, Valentino’s daughter, Valentina, was six months old. Although Valentina has lived most of her life without a father present, their bond has remained strong. Valentino’s mother, wife Louise and daughter, Valentina, were his strongest advocates. Continue Reading >>

Our Mission

The mission of the Valentino Dixon Foundation is to unite humanity, shine a light on injustice, work with lawmakers to achieve prison and sentencing reform, and champion the voices of the wrongfully convicted until freedom comes. 

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